Let us help you build a great food outlet.

With a team of more than 30 professionals we are fully equipped to build the cloud kitchen/ restaurant or kiosk that is best suited for you. tailored strategies that work seamlessly just for YOU.

Location selection and kitchen setup.

Location demands for cloud kitchen is totally different from a restaurant. finding a location for your outlet that suits your budget as well as suits your business model is difficult. our team is dedicated and research driven. we not only help you select the location but also set up your kitchen that is functionally strong and ready to carter orders.

Why cloud kitchens?

With the arrival of the pandemic, an increasing number of eating places were seeking out greater viable commercial enterprise fashions which include cloud kitchens. Government regulations on in-residence dining, steep apartment costs, and excessive software payments collectively make this commercial enterprise version extraordinarily appealing.

Kitchen management


Food aggregator management.

We would be creating online ordering platforms (swiggy and zomato) for your outlet. Think of this platform as a blank canvas you could use to color an image of your brand. We would handle the aesthetics and create a blueprint of the website or app, move on to designing the online ordering process that included an online menu as well. our goal is to build a strong brand that would generate maximum sales. for this, we would be working closely with you on zomato and swiggy marketing so that you spend less and earn more. this will ensure your survival in the food industry 

Employee and vendor management.

When you’re done putting in the cloud kitchen, you need to find the proper staff. We look for certified chefs, helpers and cleaners who have experience associated with the cuisine you need to offer. We hire employees who are best suited based on cuisine and salary. Once we have hired the proper employees for your venture, we make sure to devote the time and sources to educate them because a trained chef is crucial for your outlet. This involves coaching them on the way to use your POS system, teaching them the way to receive online orders in addition to different strategies along with stock control and waste disposal.